I’m a small wedding and elopement photographer based in New Hampshire, obsessed with lemons, and in love with running around with my camera capturing life as it unfolds. My best days include hiking, an episode (or five) of New Girl on Netflix, and as much caffeine as I can consume. Photographs make fleeting memories permanent. That is some pretty dang powerful stuff. So if you’re here because you’re in the market for memories, let me tell you a little bit more about how I do things ‘round here.

I’m HATTIE AND I AM so glad you landed on my tiny corner of the internet

Hey, Hey! 

You’ve probably heard that your wedding day will feel like a blur. Your job is to soak up every moment of magic with your guests, not run around tracking down the 117th person for a photo. 

That’s precisely why I specialize in shooting weddings and elopements with less than 50 people. 

Small weddings

I edit my photos in a true-to-color style that highlights your natural beauty and the colors of the day. This is because I believe photography should transport you back in time so you can experience the moment all over again.

Tweaks, never changes

True to color and candid

You’re beautiful exactly as you are. Bruises or blemishes? I can edit that tiny stuff out. But I will never photoshop who you are. That is sooo not my style. Because photographing you for you is why I love what I do. Messiness, imperfections, craziness and all. Because let’s be honest, the best photos are never the perfect ones.

My Philosophy...

I am proud to photograph all love stories, not just white, straight ones. Please know I work to do what I can to ensure a safe environment where love always comes first. Kinda ridiculous we still have to say this in 2023 isn’t it?!

All love, all the time